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Billy The Kid
"Toast is great to eat while downloading my MP3's."
"I like to cut my toast in four pieces. And eat on piece at a time."

"It's not good to mix toast with allergy pills and vitamins"

"Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am.
Toast Bacon and Patatoes, Sam I am."

  TOASTER LEAVINS: For familes on a tight budget.
  RAISIN TOAST: I heard it through the grape vine....
  HOTDOG TOAST: Don't got Buns? Use toast!
  PIZZA TOAST: Mamma Mia, It's so good!
  TURKEY TOAST: It's not what you think.
  FAMOUS TOAST: First class stuff.
  CINNAMON TOAST: Here's something to sweet'n your taste.
  HALLOWEEN TOAST: Perfect for any halloween get-together.
  POLITICAL TOAST: There's no debate about this great toast.
  SEX TOAST: Oooo La La... It's getting hot in here!
  SPICY CHEESE TOAST: It will make your taste buds tingle.
  CLASSIC TOAST: Plain and simple, just like mom used to make it.
  BANANA TOAST: If you like bananas like a monkey make this.
  GARLIC TOAST: If you're not expecting to go on a hot date try this one.
  LITTLE PERSON TOAST: It's the alternative to the big person toast.